Ferry County Rail Trail

Republic to Danville, Washington

25 Miles of Unparalleled Beauty

Rail Trail Needs Support

Ferry County Rail Trail Partners (FCRTP) have announced an August fundraising goal of $10,000. The funds are needed to install three permanent bridge decks and connect the trail. Due to extreme flooding in the spring of 2018, the rail trail suffered three major washouts that bisected the trail, closed some segments, and slowed progress of the group’s development and surfacing program. Funds were donated for the purchase of two replacement bridge decks, but a third bridge is needed, as well as resources to prepare the riverbanks to Department of Fish and Wildlife standards. Grant writer and FCRTP Vice President Keith Bell said, “As soon as we set the bridge decks we can focus on the planned improvements, but first we need to fix the washouts and that needs to happen immediately.” 

Since the project started in 2007, the trail group has won State and Federal bicycle pedestrian grants and raised funds upwards of a million dollars, but there are no grants that pay for maintenance such as washouts. “That is all on us,” said Bobby Whittaker, President of the trail group. “We’ve used hard work and grants to turn this into a community asset and tourist attraction, but on occasion we need to turn to the public to support the work we’re doing.” 

The fundraiser runs to the end of August, and at time of press already has a standing matching challenge of $4,000. 

Tax deductible donations can be made by clicking on the link below or sent via check to: FCRTP PO BOX 3 Malo WA 99150


FC Rail Trail Location and Sections

Ferry County Rail Trail, a non-motorized trail, is located in north central Washington, extending near the town and county seat of Republic to Danville, next to the Canadian border for a distance of over 24 miles. The main access highways are by Highway 97 through the Okanogan Valley or by Highway 395 from Colville – Spokane. Republic is located on State Highway 20 that connects Highway 97 to Highway 395.

(See the Map Menu above for maps of the different trail sections)

The south start of the non-motorized Rail Trail is on Herron Creek Road. From there it winds along Curlew Lake, crosses the lake at the north end on the trestle, to the intersection of Kiwanis Road, a distance of about 5.5 miles. 

\"\"The center section of the trail travels over un-finished rail bed to Lundimo Meadows Road, just south of the town of Curlew. This area represents Phase 5 of the surfacing project and is in its final approval status. This part of the trail travels parallel to Highway 21, an approximate distance of over 9 miles .

The north section from the town of Curlew to the town of Danville, travels along the Kettle River and through a short tunnel. The trail is still running parallel to Highway 21, except on the east side of the river. This distance is approximately 10 miles.

The trail’s remote features is home to wildlife. It is not uncommon to see Bald Eagles, Osprey, Ducks and Geese, Mule and White-tail Deer, and maybe a Brown Bear. There are camping spots along the trail and resorts with additional plans in the future.  

If one does not want to travel this far away from town, there is the Golden Tiger Trail, which has both ATV and bike path and starts across from Republic School and travels to Pine Grove, a distance of about 3.5 miles. Parking access is a both ends of this portion of the trail. There are bikes to borrow in the town, from which one can pedal to the Golden Tiger Trail start. 

Enjoy the scenery and your ride. The view’s are always changing!

Our Mission Statement

Preserve the rail corridor for the long term economic benefit of Ferry County and
create a non-motorized trail.