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By Brenda Starkey (reprinted by permission from Ferry County View) 

REPUBLIC – Volunteers have begun grooming the Ferry County Rail Trail south of Kiwanis Road for the ninth annual ski day planned for Saturday from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m.
This event offers anyone interested in winter adventure on the trail an opportunity to try out snowshoeing and cross country skiing with free equipment, instruction and refreshments.
Everyone is invited to test new activities or practice their winter skills on the north end of Curlew Lake.
The groomed route crosses the trestle and heads south toward Black Beach Resort. 
Mel and Vi Davis have again graciously allowed use of their waterfront park property, “Snack Shack” and fire pit for a bonfire adjacent to the Kiwanis Trailhead, according to Ferry County Rail Trail Partners President Bob Whittaker.
This is the first year grooming was done with the ski-doo snowmobile now owned by the Rail Trail Partners. Money for the machine was donated by a supporter last year, Whittaker said.
The grooming device, made by Wisconsin snow grooming equipment manufacturer Tidd Tech, came with the snowmobile. It was missing a key component that will cost around $700, so volunteers are borrowing a substitute system until funds can be raised to purchase the part.
Generally the trail is groomed with two Nordic ski tracks on the outside edges and a flat four-foot wide “deck” in the center for skate skiing, walking, snowshoeing and fat-tire bikes. The ski tracks are for narrow cross-country skis only and unless users are on skis they should avoid crushing the groomed ski tracks; that goes for dogs too, Whittaker said.
At press time there was good coverage on the trail but organizers of the ski day were hoping to get a little more snow and groom in the ski track later this week. As of Monday, only the flat-packed deck had been groomed.
Since the weather has been warm this year, organizers stress that no one should approach the water or walk out on the ice because it is very thin.
Donations for the track setter can be made online HERE: , at the event or sent to Ferry County Rail Trail Partners, PO box 3, Malo WA 99150.

Updates on snow conditions will be available at the FCRTP website or Facebook page.