Trail Wash Outs

(reprinted w/ permission)

Washouts have closed three segments of the Ferry County Rail Trail—from the Kiwanis trailhead to Tucker Road; from Empire Creek Road to Lundimo Meadows Road and from Curlew to Lone Ranch Road. 

“We are working to repair the improved segments of the trail in particular Curlew to the tunnel (pictured),” said Ferry County Rail Trail Partners President Bob Whittaker. “We are working on this with the commissioners and will update the community as soon as possible. Until then the Curlew Lake Segment (5.5 miles) is open to the public.

Meanwhile, volunteers installed four bicycle and pedestrian counters on the open.

Curlew Lake section last week. The counters are loaned to community trail projects by the Tri County Economic Development District to help them gather data useful for planning and applying for trail development grants. “Get out there and be counted,” said FCRTP Vice President Keith Bell.