What is this Ferry County Rail Trail?

As you read this, the rails, ties, and switching equipment have been removed by the A&K Railroad Salvage Company from the 28-mile section of railroad starting at the old mill site and ending at the Canadian Border. When the railroad that owns the land underneath the right-of-way corridor applied for permission to, “abandon,” this section of track last year, the Ferry County Commissioners were unable to successfully find a shipper in order to halt abandonment proceedings. While their efforts in this regard were unsuccessful, we commend them for finding a way for Ferry County to retain the entire corridor underlying the rail line. This line was essential infrastructure in Ferry County for over 100 years and could be again. The Commissioners are now negotiating to, “railbank,” the entire corridor, thus preserving it for future reactivation as a rail line. That’s where the Ferry County Rail Trail Partners come in.

The Ferry County Rail Trail Partners mission is to preserve the rail corridor for the long term economic benefit of Ferry County and create a non motorized trail. We are an incorporated non-profit organization in Washington State, and a federal 501(c)3 non-profit. We are seeking sponsors and volunteers to help with trail planning and development.

We are promoting the benefits of rail banking, including preserving the corridor with a non-motorized trail. A non-motorized trail is the least intrusive choice for neighboring landowners along the corridor, in addition to attracting the widest variety of user groups, including for example, walkers, equestrians, and bicyclists. Non-motorized trails also cost far less to build and maintain than their motorized counterparts. They provide safe routes for our children to get to school, in addition to providing a low-impact recreational resource for our community and visitors. Also through rail banking, public utilities may also be installed upon the corridor, (next to where the tracks had been) further preserving it by providing a valuable infrastructure use to the county.

Please visit our site to learn how rail banking preserves rail corridors for future reactivation, while in the interim, a non-motorized trail can provide a great community benefit. We urge you to send a letter or email to the Ferry County Commissioners expressing support for a non-motorized trail on the corridor--our site has suggestions to consider including in your letter.   

Please donate to our trail development fund.  You may do so at the Republic Drug Store or the Ferry County Co-op. If you’d prefer to give by mail, please send your check or money order to:

Ferry County Rail Trail Partners
MALO, WA 99150-0057

We invite you to check the site regularly for dates and times of public meetings and our group meetings. If you walk, horseback ride, bicycle, or would just enjoy a gentle stroll along this 28+mile historic rail path please support our goal of creating a 28 mile quiet link to all our North County Communities.

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