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The Ferry County Rail Trail Partners are working hard to win a bicycle pedestrian grant to connect the Curlew School to the Ferry County Rail Trail with an ADA compliant path from the Curlew School, down a small slope, to the rail trail. The project would also create 5 WSDOT standard crosswalks where the trail crosses State and County roads. The grant is part of a Federal Highway Administration Transportation Alternatives (TA) program. This is the same non-motorized WSDOT grant that was awarded to the Golden Tiger Pathway providing it with paving, railings and a pit toilet.

There is a complex and competitive process to win this grant and Ferry County will be competing against many other projects from the Tri-County region. The evaluation process requires members of the Northeast Washington Regional Transportation Planning Organization’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to rate each project on how well they measure up to the grant evaluation criteria. Projects are then scored with a point system and the higher a project scores the better the chance of winning.

In October 2010 Ferry County applied for a similar TA grant to deck the 770’ trestle over Curlew Lake. Ferry County won by scoring high in the evaluation process and now the trestle is decked! This almost did not happen though. One of the questions worth 5 points was: Has the project demonstrated public support? The Ferry County Representative on the TAC board rated us 1 out of a possible 5 for this specific point.

We need letters of support to help prevent this from happening again. Please show your support for the Curlew Safe Route to School grant by writing a letter on behalf of you or an organization and get it to us to include with our grant presentation later in May! Details on deadline, where to send it and a draft letter of support are on our website. Thank you for your support of this wonderful initiative to keep kids healthy and safe!

Please email a copy of your completed letters of support to: Ferry County Rail Trail Partners
or snail mail to: PO Box 3, Malo, WA 99150


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