Why saving the rail corridor is vital to Ferry County.

Reinstalling rail lines sounds prohibitively expensive today, but it may not be when you consider that a large part of that cost is in obtaining, and preparing a suitable corridor upon which to lay the rails. That’s already here in addition to the ballast rock under those rails, which STB has said must remain after the rails and ties are removed. Railbanking keeps the corridor itself intact; infrastructure (that cannot be recreated otherwise) ready to reactivate. In the meantime, the county will benefit from the “public use/trail use condition” the Commissioners were granted. This allows for the installation of utilities in the corridor such as high-speed internet--or even a sewer line for the town of Curlew for example, in addition to a non-motorized trail on the corridor, something the whole county, indeed the entire region can benefit from.  A non-motorized trail of this quality  could be the missing quiet link to our local communities, and would speak volumes about our regions outstanding recreational options.

Because our County Commissioners have the foresight to want to keep that corridor intact everyone in Ferry County now has the chance to be part of something for the long-term economic benefit of the county. If the Commissioners efforts fail, any hope of a railroad ever returning to Ferry County will likely be gone forever.

In order to be successful, the Ferry County Commissioners need to hear from you! Does the community want to save the rail corridor? Do you want the opportunity to have a rail line (other railbanked lines have been reactivated—it can happen) or even the future possibility of some sort of light electric rail?  Do you want to utilize the corridor that has been so economically essential in the past for future utilities and a non-motorized trail?   If you agree that preserving historic and economic infrastructure in our frontier county is something you want, then you must tell them so!

With your letters, “Ferry County Rail Trail Partners,” can support the Commissioners efforts to keep our beneficial and historic rail corridor intact for the future. Click on Support to more information and talking points.

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