Rail Trail Designation Update

The Ferry County Rail Trail Partners are excited that approximately 26 miles of the 28 mile rail corridor have now been designated for non-motorized use
. This is great news for most adjacent landowners and voters. In addition, the Curlew School Community Association can now include the corridor in their Safe Route To School plan, and local athletes will now have a safe and healthy place to train. The decision also means that planning can begin for the many non-motorized grant opportunities applicable to this section of the rail trail.

Neither Commissioner Bond nor Chairman Miller seconded a motion made by Commissioner Heath to honor the advisory vote by designating the newly railbanked corridor entirely non-motorized. Instead, Commissioner Bond and Chairman Miller passed their own motion allocating the section south of Herron Creek Road open to motorized vehicles. An action that clearly breaks from the results of the recent 61% to 39% advisory vote favoring a completely "non motorized only" designation. (see article below)

Regardless, this development is clearly GREAT news for the County, the majority of adjacent landowners and rail trail advocates. Now that the designation process is over (whew!), the community can join together and move forward to begin working on the next phase of planning our own rail trail. A trail that will meet the needs of Ferry County residents to potentially improve our public health, as well as draw those who love to visit and recreate in this rural community.

Thank you for your continued support.
    - Board of Ferry County Rail Trail Partners

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